Saturday, February 21, 2009

Commit to Sit

I am not really sure that the Tricycle magazine publishers are even calling the meditation commitment "Commit to Sit" this year. And technically it hasn't started yet. But I have decided that I need to be more fully in the present moment, so I have started. Just 15 minutes a day. Being still. Of course my mind wandered as I sat in silence. As my mind wanders and I keep coming back to my breath it then wanders to what it means that I can't quiet my mind, yes wandering again, back to my breath. It is kind of funny the tangents I can take when I let my mind go. OK so I keep coming back to my breath. Little chuckle, can I even keep my mind on my breath, OK thinking about that is another tangent, back to my breath. By that time 15 minutes was up. Will keep trying. Keep being still, well my body is still anyway. Keep bringing it back to my breath. Maybe in time the wandering will decrease, we will see.

Oh and I wanted to mention that there is a network set up for the challenge, for discussion, support etc.

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Beachbum said...

Thanks for this...I have been trying to meditate for a bit. It's nice to see you are having the same internal 'talk' I do. I think it is normal, but it will lessen and get more still. There is a cool retreat I want to do someday that is 10 days long...hmmm.

Peace, friend.

BTW, the plarn post got me thinking of all the things I can make with the bags we seem to inherit. Thanks!