Sunday, February 22, 2009

Commit to Sit Day 2

For me it is day 2 anyway. This morning again for 15 minutes I just sat and was still. At least my body was still for 15 minutes. Again my mind was in a variety of places. I trust that this will get easier, and bring me some peace. Cause right now it is not. It seems like it is just 15 minutes of my morning to think about everything, what I want to do today, what I think my boys might want to do, what I want to cook, what we are having for supper, my leg, it aches, it doesn't ache, when do I go back for my next ortho apt., the dentist apt coming up in a week, oh and I need to make an orthodontic apt for my oldest son, as well as send in form 1023 for a non-profit organization I am in etc, etc. Just an endless stream. I do bring it back to my breath but it seems like only a millisecond before my mind is off and racing again.

But I am committed to trying, committed to doing.

A funny coincidence tonight, we had our new moon circle. Which we all love. Only about 30 minutes but we are together, focused on the same thing. Deeply connected to each other and ourselves, and it really nourishes my soul. One of the thoughts for tonight was in enriching our spiritual practices, whatever practices that might be, visualizing them,visualizing what we would like them to be. Which seemed to fit it so wonderfully with the commit to sit. So, as my mother used to say, I know that it will all work out how it is supposed to be.

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