Friday, January 2, 2009

My Cast

I have had time to knit lately, :-) I have finished three pair of socks and made myself a little toe sock that fit my splint. Just to keep my toes warm when we go out. Of Check Spellingcourse then on Wednesday I was fitted with my new hard cast, the boys picked the color. Dr Potocki is my ortho and I am just so grateful for him. He is such a genuinely nice person, and always there to explain things to me and my family. Jackson knows him but this was my first time meeting him. He said the X rays look great, and my incisions are healing well.
So after the cast, my toe sock did not fit and I made another toe sock that fits my cast.

Phillip has been having some fun with one of his Christmas boxes, almost as much fun as with the game itself.
And we are packing now, getting ready for a vacation to Orlando, FL. I am trusting that things will go well. I have a wheel chair to use while down there, and I did get out and go shopping a bit yesterday and to the movies and my leg felt great. Although I can't really help much with the packing the boys are doing great and are so helpful.

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Beachbum said...

Cute socks! And especially good to hear things are healing well.

Boxes still can be better than the gift for a time. The boys especially liked the boxes that delivered gifts to us this year, so the pic looks familiar...

Have a great time! Having the cast brings a whole new meaning to 'relaxing'.

I'll send you more energy today...