Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a few pics

OK we are back from vacation. It went well and we had a great time. I couldn't do a whole lot as I was pretty much stuck in the wheel chair. With my leg down my foot would swell in about 30 minutes. When it was up in the wheel chair it was a slower process and took about an hour. So When we returned to the condo at night, up went my leg so the swelling was down by the next morning. The boys just had so much fun. I am currently working to plan a trip for spring when my ankle will be healed.

For now I have a couple of catch up photos. The first one is a picture of the beaver dam, I think I blogged about our neighbors property. Or maybe I didn't. Our neighbor was such a nice gentleman, with not a whole lot of family in the area. He let our family walk on his vast property whenever we wanted and it is beautiful. He has since crossed over and his nephew owns the property now. He called not long after his uncle's passing to let us know that his Uncle appreciated the visits we made and the homemade food we brought over, and we were more than welcome to continue to walk on the property and enjoy the creek and wildlife. So a few weeks ago we went for a walk, such a beautiful day and we took all the dogs along. We saw the beaver damn. A true architectural wonder. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is about 10 feet tall. These are the same beavers that were the start of my other blog. They moved up the creek about 100 yards. OK so that is the first picture, the beaver damn.

The second picture is of the splint Jackson made for my ankle. My ankle was so unstable when I fractured it that I needed a splint to stabilize the joint before I could move. Jackson was really proud of the splint and the A frame. He took a picture of the splint in the hospital before they removed it and I am just now getting it off of his phone. I have moved so far beyond this point, but he is proud of his work and so now it is on my blog for all time, LOL.

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