Thursday, January 22, 2009

Disney Vacation

About a week after I fractured my ankle we traveled to Florida to visit Disney. The trip had been planned for a few months and we were all excited. The drive was a bit challenging but I have a wonderful family that altered their "normal seating habits" to accommodate my need to keep my leg elevated. How great is that. We stayed in a condo with friends and had a great time. Of course my activity was a bit limited as I was still non weight baring on my left leg and had to really stay in a wheel chair with my leg up. At that time, even 20 minutes down and my leg was throbbing and swollen. But I still had a terrific time, and loved watching my boys with their friends.

Can I say that Disney really goes out of it's way to make sure that guests in wheel chairs have a wonderful vacation. The seating at shows is excellent. The maps let you know ahead of time, what rides, shows, restaurants etc are wheel chair accessible and the amount of accessibility. I really appreciated this. Wheel chair seating is monitored so that the view is unobstructed, and that my family could sit with me. Such a huge deal when you are on vacation. Who wants to sit alone all the time.

I say this because we also went to Seaworld while we were in Orlando. I have been several times and always enjoyed it. But this time was different, and I did write an e mail to Seaworld with my complaints just asking that someone from their staff pretend to be a guest in a wheel chair, during normal business hours. The wheel chair seating was obstructed to start with so I could see a max of 3/4 of any stage. It was a separate area so my family could not sit with me, and it was not monitored, so I had to navigate all the empty scooters, and strollers to get in and find a spot (when I could). Then people would get up and stand in front of me to take pictures of the stage etc. I would not recommend anyone going to Seaworld in a wheel chair unless you can get up and walk to normal seating for shows. Very disappointed.

But the boys had a great time, so that was my fun, watching them. Overall the trip was wonderful, sunshine and warm days. Chatting and hanging out with friends, can't beat it.

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