Monday, January 26, 2009

Winter Fun

We are back from the FLT Winter Gathering. Had so much fun, but forgot my pictures. :-(

So today I thought I would write about the snow. Here in our area of NC we usually only get maybe one snow a year, and usually not enough to do anything. About a week ago it snowed. The boys were so excited, it was about 10:00 in the evening when it started. So we waited a couple of house and there it was, around 1 1/2 inches of snow. Enough for the boys to get on their coats and, with dads help, build a snowman. Not enough snow to sled, but enough to play. That snow man was so cute, so small, and they were so happy with that little bit of snow. I wasn't able to be outside in the wet with my cast, but I sent the camera outside so I could enjoy the pictures. And the boys brought me a snowball, so I could feel the snow and share in the joy. Of course we froze the snowball in a baggie with the date so we would know the year of this particular snow.

Now the snow has all melted, really it only lasted a few hours. When the sun came up everything started melting. But we look at the pictures at least daily for now.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Disney Vacation

About a week after I fractured my ankle we traveled to Florida to visit Disney. The trip had been planned for a few months and we were all excited. The drive was a bit challenging but I have a wonderful family that altered their "normal seating habits" to accommodate my need to keep my leg elevated. How great is that. We stayed in a condo with friends and had a great time. Of course my activity was a bit limited as I was still non weight baring on my left leg and had to really stay in a wheel chair with my leg up. At that time, even 20 minutes down and my leg was throbbing and swollen. But I still had a terrific time, and loved watching my boys with their friends.

Can I say that Disney really goes out of it's way to make sure that guests in wheel chairs have a wonderful vacation. The seating at shows is excellent. The maps let you know ahead of time, what rides, shows, restaurants etc are wheel chair accessible and the amount of accessibility. I really appreciated this. Wheel chair seating is monitored so that the view is unobstructed, and that my family could sit with me. Such a huge deal when you are on vacation. Who wants to sit alone all the time.

I say this because we also went to Seaworld while we were in Orlando. I have been several times and always enjoyed it. But this time was different, and I did write an e mail to Seaworld with my complaints just asking that someone from their staff pretend to be a guest in a wheel chair, during normal business hours. The wheel chair seating was obstructed to start with so I could see a max of 3/4 of any stage. It was a separate area so my family could not sit with me, and it was not monitored, so I had to navigate all the empty scooters, and strollers to get in and find a spot (when I could). Then people would get up and stand in front of me to take pictures of the stage etc. I would not recommend anyone going to Seaworld in a wheel chair unless you can get up and walk to normal seating for shows. Very disappointed.

But the boys had a great time, so that was my fun, watching them. Overall the trip was wonderful, sunshine and warm days. Chatting and hanging out with friends, can't beat it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a few pics

OK we are back from vacation. It went well and we had a great time. I couldn't do a whole lot as I was pretty much stuck in the wheel chair. With my leg down my foot would swell in about 30 minutes. When it was up in the wheel chair it was a slower process and took about an hour. So When we returned to the condo at night, up went my leg so the swelling was down by the next morning. The boys just had so much fun. I am currently working to plan a trip for spring when my ankle will be healed.

For now I have a couple of catch up photos. The first one is a picture of the beaver dam, I think I blogged about our neighbors property. Or maybe I didn't. Our neighbor was such a nice gentleman, with not a whole lot of family in the area. He let our family walk on his vast property whenever we wanted and it is beautiful. He has since crossed over and his nephew owns the property now. He called not long after his uncle's passing to let us know that his Uncle appreciated the visits we made and the homemade food we brought over, and we were more than welcome to continue to walk on the property and enjoy the creek and wildlife. So a few weeks ago we went for a walk, such a beautiful day and we took all the dogs along. We saw the beaver damn. A true architectural wonder. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is about 10 feet tall. These are the same beavers that were the start of my other blog. They moved up the creek about 100 yards. OK so that is the first picture, the beaver damn.

The second picture is of the splint Jackson made for my ankle. My ankle was so unstable when I fractured it that I needed a splint to stabilize the joint before I could move. Jackson was really proud of the splint and the A frame. He took a picture of the splint in the hospital before they removed it and I am just now getting it off of his phone. I have moved so far beyond this point, but he is proud of his work and so now it is on my blog for all time, LOL.

Friday, January 2, 2009

My Cast

I have had time to knit lately, :-) I have finished three pair of socks and made myself a little toe sock that fit my splint. Just to keep my toes warm when we go out. Of Check Spellingcourse then on Wednesday I was fitted with my new hard cast, the boys picked the color. Dr Potocki is my ortho and I am just so grateful for him. He is such a genuinely nice person, and always there to explain things to me and my family. Jackson knows him but this was my first time meeting him. He said the X rays look great, and my incisions are healing well.
So after the cast, my toe sock did not fit and I made another toe sock that fits my cast.

Phillip has been having some fun with one of his Christmas boxes, almost as much fun as with the game itself.
And we are packing now, getting ready for a vacation to Orlando, FL. I am trusting that things will go well. I have a wheel chair to use while down there, and I did get out and go shopping a bit yesterday and to the movies and my leg felt great. Although I can't really help much with the packing the boys are doing great and are so helpful.