Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Home

I have kept this doll safe in her box since the Live and Learn Conference in September. I knew she would have a permanent home on our mantle, when we made a mantle. I had a picture in my mind of what this mantle would look like, and it would hold all our most treasured possessions. And now it is complete. The mantle is finished and you can see the home of my doll, isn't she beautiful. Robyn made her, you can see more of Robyn's work at her etsy store, and also read more about the process at Robyn's blog. So now she sits in the corner of the living room, where she looks out at the whole house. Just the perfect spot for the perfect doll.

Robyn puts so much love and detail in everything she creates. Every time I look at my doll I see more beads, more detail that I have missed. Just so much creative energy. What a blessing.

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