Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Day

Home for Christmas, I was a bit groggy and discovered after one day that I can't handle percocet. Tried just one every 4-6 hours, and then moved down to 1/2 of a tablet every 4-6 hours and I found that it does help with the aches and pains, it puts me straight to sleep, so I was sleeping ALL THE TIME. And I didn't like that at all. So my drug of choice now is Tylenol, works great and I am awake.

Christmas was such a delight. I was so prepared. The boys did not want to open ANYTHING until I came home, and fortunately it worked out that I could come home Christmas morning. Everything was ready except the stockings, and I knew Jackson would not be able to figure out what went into whose stocking. So the boys and Jackson came in to the hospital Christmas morning, well around noon actually (morning for the boys), Jackson made rounds as he was on call for Christmas. I saw physical therapy around 1:00ish, and we were out of there and home by about 1:30-2:00. Jackson brought all my little bags into the living room and helped me stuff stockings, while the boys waited in the family room, and then we celebrated. It was such a joyous time.

The boys got their IPODS they have been wanting. And Dallen got Rock Band 2 and Phillip got Guitar Hero World Tour (I think those are the names of them) and both have been enjoying each ever since. Along with a few books, computer games etc. Just lots of fun. As I said, at that time I was taking the percocet that was prescribed so I was sleeping on and off most all of the day, and spent the day on the couch. We love Christmas here, just a celebration of everyone we have in our lives, and are grateful for. And of course my delightful Nuernberger Lebkuchen, Jackson buys me a box every year for Christmas from the Schmidt company. DELICIOUS.

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