Sunday, December 21, 2008

By Candle Light

I am really enjoying our newly painted living room. The color is a darker, warmer brown, and I made curtains of the hemp fabric I had been saving. The other night I turned on the Christmas Tree and my NEW solstice lights I received in a solstice light trade, and I lit all the candles. It was so beautiful and warm I had to take some photos.

This is a tea light holder that a friend gave me for Christmas this year, yes I opened it early ;-) You can see my drum in front, and our naming sticks behind the drum (see the feathers on top), and the light is hanging inside an old yolk we picked up in Germany.

This is a game cabinet Jackson made for some of our board games. On top you can see candles, incense burners and my solstice lights, the poinsettias, in the background.

This is the left side of my new mantle. You can see a couple of candle's I bought this year, and hanging from the branch is my Buddhist prayer beads, and some Native American artwork.

This is a candle Jackson bought me last year for Christmas. It is a salt candle, very purifying. It sits on the right of our mantle and you can just see my chalice in the background.

I just love all the warm glowing light of candles.

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