Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Day

Home for Christmas, I was a bit groggy and discovered after one day that I can't handle percocet. Tried just one every 4-6 hours, and then moved down to 1/2 of a tablet every 4-6 hours and I found that it does help with the aches and pains, it puts me straight to sleep, so I was sleeping ALL THE TIME. And I didn't like that at all. So my drug of choice now is Tylenol, works great and I am awake.

Christmas was such a delight. I was so prepared. The boys did not want to open ANYTHING until I came home, and fortunately it worked out that I could come home Christmas morning. Everything was ready except the stockings, and I knew Jackson would not be able to figure out what went into whose stocking. So the boys and Jackson came in to the hospital Christmas morning, well around noon actually (morning for the boys), Jackson made rounds as he was on call for Christmas. I saw physical therapy around 1:00ish, and we were out of there and home by about 1:30-2:00. Jackson brought all my little bags into the living room and helped me stuff stockings, while the boys waited in the family room, and then we celebrated. It was such a joyous time.

The boys got their IPODS they have been wanting. And Dallen got Rock Band 2 and Phillip got Guitar Hero World Tour (I think those are the names of them) and both have been enjoying each ever since. Along with a few books, computer games etc. Just lots of fun. As I said, at that time I was taking the percocet that was prescribed so I was sleeping on and off most all of the day, and spent the day on the couch. We love Christmas here, just a celebration of everyone we have in our lives, and are grateful for. And of course my delightful Nuernberger Lebkuchen, Jackson buys me a box every year for Christmas from the Schmidt company. DELICIOUS.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

Jackson had Christmas Eve off, well he had to make rounds in the morning but the afternoon was free, so we decided to go hiking. It was a hike I had planned for our hiking club a few weeks ago, but it had been raining so we canceled. Christmas Eve was raining as well, but it was relatively warm, and not pouring just drizzling a bit. So off we headed to the Tom's Creek Falls hike. A nice short, 1 mile round trip, hike listed as "easy". And it was easy, a well manicured, beautiful hike. Easy traveling up to the waterfall, which was beautiful. We were all enjoying this hike. And it was the first time Jackson had been able to join us, just the four of us. Usually the boys and I go with out homeschooling friends, mid-week and middle of the day when others are usually busy, and trails are less crowded.

As I mentioned it was raining Christmas Eve so we were the only ones on the trail, nice and quiet, peaceful. At the falls we stopped at the bottom and took a few pictures, then we could see that the trail went up the water fall a bit. Part of the trail had been washed out so the incline was wet and muddy. Easy enough, we ventured up a bit and took some more pictures. The trail veered off and we decided to turn around and head back to the car, it was afternoon, getting darker and raining harder. As we were heading down that muddy incline, Jackson and Dallen had gone on ahead just a little bit. I looked at Phil and said "how are us short people supposed to get down from here?" Well Phil just ran down the incline, spry little thing he is, and as I was heading down, my right foot started to slide down and my left foot did not follow. So my left foot was bent back at the ankle (reminiscent of Harry Potter 2, when Lockhart bent Harry's hand back). As I landed and pulled my left leg forward my foot flopped back forward and to the side. I knew instantly that it was broken, and broken so that it would need surgery.

I remained very calm, talking and explaining things to Phil and Dallen as Jackson splinted my ankle. It hurt and was so unstable that I couldn't even stand on my good leg to sort of hop out of the forest. So Jackson and Dallen worked to make an A frame that I sat on and Jackson hauled my butt out of the woods. We were fortunate that the path was well manicured. Jackson was able to drive the car in about 1/2 way so he dragged that frame, with me on top, about 1/4 mile.

There were so many things that could have happened, and I have processed a lot these past few days sitting on the couch. But I am not a "wallow" kind of person. It has all been about moving forward. Being grateful that things were not worse. And realizing that the universe needed to just hit me on the head to get me to slow down a bit. I trust that everything will be OK. The surgery was a major job, and I have one more day surgery ahead of me, along with about 12weeks of recovery time. Jackson has been doing Reiki on my leg morning and night. And a friend came over to do some energy work last night. The boys have pitched in so much to help out, and Jackson is rearranging his work a bit to accommodate my needs. Moving is slow, crutches have been a challenge. But things are moving forward. I was able to be home for Christmas, and the boys really liked that, although a bit groggy. I hope to post Christmas pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Catching up

I have some blog catching up to do. So hopefully over the next couple of days I can post about all the exciting things going on in our lives. First was Winter Solstice. After the longest night we wait for the sun to come up in the morning, keeping a fire going all night. It was wonderful and this year it was sunny, although cold, and clear. So we could see the sun as it rose up over the tree tops. So beautiful. Jackson had a full day so he went to work early, before sunrise and he set the alarm for me. I did not realize how much I disliked getting up to the alarm, it has been years since I have woken by alarm, and I do not like it. But it was all OK in the end. I waited about 30 minutes then woke the boys.

As we waited for the sunrise Jackson drove home, just in time. And we were all so excited that he took time out of his busy day to come home and watch the sun rise with us. It was spectacular. And after watching the sun rise we came into the warm indoors and had hot chocolate and wish bread for breakfast. What a wonderful family time.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Card

OK so our cards are finally in the mail. No, they won't reach you by Christmas but they are on the way. We made our own cards this year. Dallen drew the picture on the front, then Jackson and the boys came up with the note on the inside. The outside has been done for some time now, and I love it:

The inside reads: "Happy Holidays and May You Level Up in the New Year."
Happy Holidays everyone!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

By Candle Light

I am really enjoying our newly painted living room. The color is a darker, warmer brown, and I made curtains of the hemp fabric I had been saving. The other night I turned on the Christmas Tree and my NEW solstice lights I received in a solstice light trade, and I lit all the candles. It was so beautiful and warm I had to take some photos.

This is a tea light holder that a friend gave me for Christmas this year, yes I opened it early ;-) You can see my drum in front, and our naming sticks behind the drum (see the feathers on top), and the light is hanging inside an old yolk we picked up in Germany.

This is a game cabinet Jackson made for some of our board games. On top you can see candles, incense burners and my solstice lights, the poinsettias, in the background.

This is the left side of my new mantle. You can see a couple of candle's I bought this year, and hanging from the branch is my Buddhist prayer beads, and some Native American artwork.

This is a candle Jackson bought me last year for Christmas. It is a salt candle, very purifying. It sits on the right of our mantle and you can just see my chalice in the background.

I just love all the warm glowing light of candles.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Time to blog

I have been knitting my fingers sore lately. For my etsy store and for friends and family for Christmas. I love creating. One pattern I used lately for a couple pair of socks was a pattern that a friend at the ARGH gathering was knitting, just a simple knit 3 rows, purl 1 row, pattern. But I really think that little bit adds so much texture to the sock. I hope she finished her socks as well. And I have been working on scarves. Really plush, soft scarves. I think those will make nice Christmas gifts for my family in Maine, brrr.

So I haven't had a whole lot of time to blog lately. I do have to get pics of our tree up. It is such a beautiful tree. My son Dallen picked it out and chopped it down himself from our pasture. It will be a well loved tree during the season, then we will cut it up for fire wood and chip up the branches for mulch for the garden. Not a piece wasted. But right now it decorates our home. OK so let me go take a picture right this second and get that on here now while I am in the mood.................................

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Home

I have kept this doll safe in her box since the Live and Learn Conference in September. I knew she would have a permanent home on our mantle, when we made a mantle. I had a picture in my mind of what this mantle would look like, and it would hold all our most treasured possessions. And now it is complete. The mantle is finished and you can see the home of my doll, isn't she beautiful. Robyn made her, you can see more of Robyn's work at her etsy store, and also read more about the process at Robyn's blog. So now she sits in the corner of the living room, where she looks out at the whole house. Just the perfect spot for the perfect doll.

Robyn puts so much love and detail in everything she creates. Every time I look at my doll I see more beads, more detail that I have missed. Just so much creative energy. What a blessing.