Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So many things to post about

I have so many things in my mind, things that I want to write down before they leave my brain. But so little time. SO much talk about election politics I wanted to share a little about what means so much to me.

My boys.

We spent so much of last week working on Halloween costumes. They had specific ideas about the costumes. All revolving around their world of warcraft characters. So we looked at pictures online, talked and talked about different ways of making these things come to life. And this is what we came up with:

There you have it, dwarf and night elf. They were so happy, it was wonderful to see that joy. And on a bit of a side note, for free children who do not have, and have never had their food controlled, as we were getting out their plastic pumpkins we found last years candy in each. LOL. And for those of you curious, yes candy can last for a year, and taste yummy. ;-)


kelli said...

Awesome dwarf hunter and night elf druid :)

It was good to see you guys this week.

Deanne said...

LOL about the candy. Joseph was just asking me tonight if candy would be good in a year if we kept it in the fridge. Now I have an answer for him. Thanks! ;)