Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A New Sweater

It has been so chilly here lately. I decided to make our dog Cinnamon a sweater. She has so little hair and what she does have is so short. I always feel like she must be cold when she goes outside. Maybe not, but it makes me cold to watch her. So I crocheted a sweater. She seems to really like it. And we think she looks gorgeous in it. Although getting this boxer to hold still long enough to get a photo was a challenge.

Isn't she cute!


Deanne said...


Beachbum said...

Absolutely adorable.

Ren said...

Just in time for the cold snap too! I'm assuming you guys are getting some snow? It's dumping over here.

She's very cute.

Dawne said...

She is adorable! We have a boxer too!! Ours is a 105 lb (now that he is dieting..lol) male named Charlie who is nine! I am so in love with this breed, aren't they just the best! The personality is just to die for! Charlie just had a stroke, so he has slowed down some...he fights it and still tries to pull some puppy play moves..lol--even if he does tip over!