Thursday, November 6, 2008


Our family loves getting together with other like minded homeschoolers and having fun. We have been members of FLT for...hmmmm....let me think.....for 6 year now, and have been attending FLT gatherings for 5 years. Wow that is a lot, didn't realize how many. The Eastern Tenn. Unschoolers decided to start hosting their own gatherings, so of course we wanted to participate. TN is close to us, although I didn't realize how close this gathering would be, so we signed up. Just about 1 hour and 15 min drive and we were there earlier this week having a wonderful time. Just playing games, knitting, working on other crafts and enjoying each other's company. I enjoy talking with and making new friends, as do my sons.

So this is the only picture I took the whole time (three days) we were there. I brought my camera with good intentions but the camera never left my cabin. But here is the picture. It is of my boys holding their sugar skulls. They wanted to watch the skulls burn in the fire so we took a picture first.

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Ren said...

Ooh, a pic of them burning in a fire would be cool too!:)
Glad you guys made it up the the Roan.