Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A New Sweater

It has been so chilly here lately. I decided to make our dog Cinnamon a sweater. She has so little hair and what she does have is so short. I always feel like she must be cold when she goes outside. Maybe not, but it makes me cold to watch her. So I crocheted a sweater. She seems to really like it. And we think she looks gorgeous in it. Although getting this boxer to hold still long enough to get a photo was a challenge.

Isn't she cute!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


A friend and I are working on a quilt. Well we are each working on our own quilt using the same pattern. I won't say how long ago we started but have recently taken it back up with the intent of finishing this quilt before Christmas. That is my goal anyway. It isn't an easy pattern, it has so many interesting pieces. Our quilts are coming out so different even though the pattern is the same. We just have different taste in fabric. Both are looking so beautiful, the more I work on it the more I want to finish to see how it will look all complete.

Anyway this is the center of the quilt. All finished. Now I have some boarders to work on. Pieced boarders, so it may take a little time. We will see. The pattern is called "New York Beauty". In case any of you get the urge to start or resume quilting or are just looking for an interesting pattern.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Climbing Tower

I organized a day to go to Chimney Rock Park and use their climbing tower. It was a dreary day so the view from the top of the tower was nothing to sing about. Well for the boys anyway, my feet stayed firmly planted on the ground. On a clear day I bet you can see for miles, the tower is on the side of a mountain.

It was a struggle getting there, a tractor trailor was stuck on the highway, trying to get around a hair pin turn that his truck was not build for. But we did make it and the attendant was so nice. Even gave me names and places of things the boys might also enjoy. We had a great day with Charlie and Scott McMakin, as well as Travis Barklage. Then we all went out for pizza in the nice town up there near the park.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Graveyard Fields

Another hiking day for us. A beautiful day, fall in the mountains of NC, although overcast and a bit chilly toward the end we enjoyed every minute of being together. It is amazing that each hike is just so different. And beautiful in it's own unique way. Also since we can pretty much go hiking when we want, we avoid the crowds by going during the middle of the week and the middle of the day, YAY!!!

Here are a few pics of this hike, Graveyard Fields, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, south of Asheville NC.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Let ME Eat Cake

We were talking on the Consensual Living Yahoo list about food issues. A common topic whenever you are talking about parenting. I usually share our experiences with our children, as well as my upbringing. This past discussion I happened to have gone out to eat the night before and dealt with my own "food issue" and thought I would share. Then thought I would expand on it a bit and blog about it. It just seems that sometimes we get stuck in the "what if" and forget about the "what is". I know it is hard, and I know that the what ifs can be kind of scary, what if their teeth rot out, what if they are unhealthy, what if.....and that leads to "if I control it for them, then this won't happen".

Anyway my experience was when eating out. I had a meal of....oh I can remember now...the dessert was the most important part for me. I had the most delicious chocolate ... CHOCOLATE cake. Did I mention the chocolate. Usually my boys order a slice and I can have a bite of theirs, which is enough for me, just the taste of that chocolate. I have dairy issues so as you can assume this cake is ummm shall we say "not so good" for me, LOL. The boys, that day, decided they didn't want a piece of cake or any dessert. So I went ahead and ordered one for myself. Which is a change for me. Well a change from my childhood. Growing up, my mother controlled the food, when, where, how much and for reward and punishment etc. So I am relearning how to let go and not feel deprived. I ate about 1/2 the slice. I knew it was not going to agree with me, knew it before I took the first bite. Knew I would *pay* for it. And I DID, I was so sick that night, for at least 5 hours after the cake. So sick that I just laid in bed, then slowly started feeling better. BUT it was soooo worth it. That does not mean I have no self control, or that I will always eat this way. As I mentioned, as a child Iwas very controlled, in many ways, including food. I still struggle with food. I have no one around me controlling my food now, it is up to me, and I am really learning now how to listen to my body, make those judgement calls, make decisions, find information, figure things out.

OK is there really a point here..... just something that happened yesterday. If I had someone there to restrict my cake intake yesterday because they wanted to look out for my best interest, protect me from being sick, protect my teeth, preserve my health, I think I would have just felt deprived and controlled, although would not have been sick for hours. The craving for the cake would not have gone away because someone said Icouldn't have it. And the damage to the relationship might have been more damaging than that piece of cake.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Our family loves getting together with other like minded homeschoolers and having fun. We have been members of FLT for...hmmmm....let me think.....for 6 year now, and have been attending FLT gatherings for 5 years. Wow that is a lot, didn't realize how many. The Eastern Tenn. Unschoolers decided to start hosting their own gatherings, so of course we wanted to participate. TN is close to us, although I didn't realize how close this gathering would be, so we signed up. Just about 1 hour and 15 min drive and we were there earlier this week having a wonderful time. Just playing games, knitting, working on other crafts and enjoying each other's company. I enjoy talking with and making new friends, as do my sons.

So this is the only picture I took the whole time (three days) we were there. I brought my camera with good intentions but the camera never left my cabin. But here is the picture. It is of my boys holding their sugar skulls. They wanted to watch the skulls burn in the fire so we took a picture first.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So many things to post about

I have so many things in my mind, things that I want to write down before they leave my brain. But so little time. SO much talk about election politics I wanted to share a little about what means so much to me.

My boys.

We spent so much of last week working on Halloween costumes. They had specific ideas about the costumes. All revolving around their world of warcraft characters. So we looked at pictures online, talked and talked about different ways of making these things come to life. And this is what we came up with:

There you have it, dwarf and night elf. They were so happy, it was wonderful to see that joy. And on a bit of a side note, for free children who do not have, and have never had their food controlled, as we were getting out their plastic pumpkins we found last years candy in each. LOL. And for those of you curious, yes candy can last for a year, and taste yummy. ;-)