Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Hiking

We really enjoyed the last hike so decided to go hiking again today. Today it was Table Rock. Nice hike straight up!! The view was awesome as you could see into the gorge and all around. Would be even more beautiful in a few more weeks when the leaves are all bright fall colors. The boys had a wonderful time. I think this outdoor activity is just what they were wanting but didn't know it. Once I grasped the shift in my head it has all seemed to fall into place. There was a time when we just couldn't go hiking easily. With one of me and two toddlers it was impossible. And we were busier with the homeschool group as they got older, so we dropped off the hiking, without even really realizing it. But they are getting older. And this is just perfect for who we are now.

And we are really enjoying it!!

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