Monday, October 27, 2008

Holiday Traditions

This is the theme for the November Unschoolers Blog Carnival. I love the carnivals, and the topics are always wonderful. It is finding time to create the post. I usually put it off, thinking of things to write until it is too late. Not this month. I don't know if I have any pictures, will have to look but here are some of our traditions.

1. We make wish bread, as a family before the winter solstice. To make the bread I use a regular bread dough, that is a little sweeter than normal (just add more honey). Let it rise once, then we get together and form the dough into balls. With each ball we make a wish, we can choose to share our wishes out loud or keep them to ourselves. Then we roll the balls in sugar and cinnamon and put them into a bundt pan, sprinkle the top with the remaining S&C and let it rise once more before baking.
2. We go up on the roof right before sunrise of the winter solstice, and watch the sun come up over the mountains, welcoming the sun. Then we come down, start a nice fire in the fireplace and eat our wish bread with some tea or hot chocolate. YUM.

3. Another traditions is on Christmas, we always make pizza for lunch. We have tried the big Christmas dinner before, but it just isn't for us. We don't have any family around to share in the moment. Our lives are just not focused on food, and we are vegetarians so no ham, roast or turkey for us. Instead we cook what we love. Jackson (dh) and I make pizza, while the boys play and enjoy their day, we all love pizza.

4. Also on Christmas we have a fire in the fireplace and once we let that fire burn out, we save the last log from the fire and use it to start next years fire. It carries all the wonderful times from year to year. It sits outside our home so every time we come and go we see the log and think of all the smiles and happiness of Christmas.

hmmmm we have so many traditions like that. We have our advent calendar, and our advent wreath. We make ornaments every year. Our tree is simple, just tiny lights and our ornaments. The angel on the top was from my family. When my parents both crossed over, I kept the angel from their tree and it lights the way every year on ours now. Jackson and the boys make a gingerbread house, well not from scratch, from a kit. We totally enjoy making cookies throughout the season (well year round really...LOL).

OK that is enough tradition sharing for this year, have a happy season.


Ruthi Cohen Joyner said...

HI, just wanted to add a few thoughts. A few years ago, my daughters and I decided we wanted to make gifts for our extended families as something special from our family to theirs. One year, my daughters made bird houses with their Dad and then we all decorated them and gave them to the other families (other families meaning my brother and sisters and families and their kids, grandparents, etc...) Last year we collected recipes from family members in October and November by email and then put together a small family cookbook with a few family pictures thrown in in a basket of kitchen related items. Since we celebrate Hannukah and Christmas in our families, we gave these gifts at my families' Hannukah party and then used a couple of the recipes from other family members at Christmas. For example, I served my brother's mother-in-law's recipe for pumpkin dump cake at Christmas with my husbands's family. They got the recipe while they got to try the cake.
This year, we're getting together with my sister's friend and her daughter to make scented coasters- they give off their scent best when a hot drink is placed on them. We'll probably give them to family members with a homemade mixture for spiced apple cider and mugs or something- haven't thought it all yet. Anyway, it's fun to come up with something new and fun to do each year.

kcbhsu said...

I love the fire log tradition! Makes me wish we had a wood-burning fireplace (ours is gas).

Thanks for sharing.