Friday, September 26, 2008

Get Movin'

OK so the boys are getting older. It just hit me the other day. Well I can see it on a daily basis, them growing and changing. But the other day I realized that we can change as well. we have been going to play groups and play days for what seems like forever, in reality maybe 5 or 6 years. And the boys enjoy hanging with their friends, but we have all been talking, lately, about other things we want to do, things Jackson and I used to do when the boys were younger. Things we stopped doing because we didn't have time with all the play days and park days.

So a friend and I are organizing a couple of activities that we hope will be fun, in place of a couple of our park days. One is a once a month hike. We live close to some of the most spectacular hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains. And I miss the hiking, and my body misses the hiking, and the boys love hiking. A second is a "Let's Get Movin'" day. Where we do different things like biking, or a challenge course, or rock climbing etc. Just one day a month where we do something different.
So we are excited to be getting outside, seeing new things with our friends and sharing this wonderful scenery. This past week we went to Linville Falls. It is labeled a moderate hike but it is on the easy side of moderate, ;-) The air is crisp but the leaves are not changing much right now. A perfect day for a hike.


laura said...

this sounds glorious!! i love that as the kids get older, we can get back to these things. we've got lots of wonderful trails here too, and falls. no more kids in back carriers either!!! they can all hike now!! i'd like to start doing something like this, a once a month thing. when we moved back here, we were doing stuff once a week and then just stopped when winter came. we never got back into it this summer. fall is the perfect time for hiking here though. thanks for the reminder!!

Tami said...

Great pics, Pam! It looks like you had a gorgeous day to hike!!!!


mindy said...

I want to do this too! What a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

Ren said...

Let's do it La!
Jess says she wants to do some hikes at the ARGH gathering. There are some really beautiful trails up on the Roan I hear.:)