Sunday, August 17, 2008


OK but just for a week.....The Love to Learn Conference was yesterday. It was wonderful. We had such a mix of sessions and homeschoolers and vendors. I love to see that. We had more people attending than last year, more speakers, and a couple more vendors. Just a wonderful day, but exhausting. We hope to move to the Charlotte, NC area next year so if anyone has any ideas for reasonable space please leave me a comment!!! We are really aiming to keep this conference inexpensive for attendees.

I haven't been blogging much the past couple of weeks because I have been so busy with the final details for the conference. BUT now I can get back to normal for a bit, then comes Live and Learn and FLT after that. WHEW!!

But in the now. Phillip created a cool art creation from his hand. Not sure where the inspiration came from but one night he asked if I could make a really good outline of his hand. So I did my best and he added money to it. He called it his coin hand. Here is a picture of his coin hand and his own hand side by side. Very neat.

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