Friday, July 18, 2008

Our New Friend

We had a surprise arrival at our house yesterday. Not sure how this poor thing ended up here but it appeared outside our window. Meowing and meowing until the boys went to see what the noise was. We fed it although the dog food that we had at midnight was not exactly what she was looking for. But we made her a bed outside for the night. She was still hanging around the next morning. Just a purring away. So soft and cuddly. We have decided to keep her as long as she wants to stay, we bought some kitten food for her, and will see what happens. She can't come inside. We have three large dogs, one would love to snack on a small kitten. But she has a nice soft bed. So cute. No name yet, but that will come. Right now we are enjoying all the snuggling and have to take her to a vet to get her checked out. How cute is that. With our dogs we haven't had a cat around our house for years, so this is a welcome treat.

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