Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life, Unschoolers Blog Carnival,

In some ways it is hard to describe a typical day, because every day is so different. Maybe in that way, every day is the same. I can give a little glimpse into our lives and how our days form and run together.

This week we were feeling a little detached. Hadn’t seen our unschooling friends in about 4 days, wow writing it like that seems like we see them all the time, LOL, but 4 days without seeing our friends is rare. So we decided to invite a family over to swim and play and just have fun. After a bit of back and forth about day and time etc, we decided on Tuesday evening, swimming and fun and a quick cook out and more fun. Great plan, the boys were excited. We decided to pick some of our blueberries and make a cobbler for the evening. The friends arrived around 6:00ish and Jackson was home from work around 7:00. We swam, talked, played, ate and just in general had a fun time. Moved the party inside around 10:00 and I was introduced to the Disney Channel. I have one son that watches occasionally but not so that I know all the songs, characters and programs. But the two girls that came over watch it more often. It was wonderful to see them singing along to ALL the songs. Something I don’t get around here with my two boys.

My youngest, Phillip, had a small clump of sculpey clay he had been molding all day and retrieved that from the dining room table to make horns for himself. OK you will just have to look at the picture to see what I mean. It was too funny.

Their one son decided to spend the night, at about midnight or so, the rest of the family packed up their swimming gear and miscellaneous things and headed home. The boys stayed up for about an hour more playing and watching TV. I was too tired. I hit the sack as soon as company left.

I awoke the next morning around 8:00, I think, and proceeded with my usual morning routine. I have a cup of tea and answer e mail, work on the computer for an hour or two until Phillip wakes up, he is usually the first one awake at around 10:00. He jumps on his computer and we chat for a few minutes, I make him a cup of tea and some breakfast. This morning he wanted to wait for his company to wake up before breakfast so we watched Little House on the Prairie for an hour before his friend woke up. They wanted pizza for breakfast so I busied myself with the pizza while they went to play a game on the Xbox 360. I also bathed our new kitten that arrived at our doorstep, still no name for her, have to think on that one. She had so many fleas and I think the bath helped her feel better.

I woke my oldest up at 1:00. He likes to be woken 30 minutes before we have to leave the house, we were leaving at 1:30 to meet up with our friends so they could pick up their son. He uses this time to get onto WOW and check things out, get a cup of tea, brush his hair, get dressed and brush his teeth. Then it was out the door.

We met at a restaurant for lunch. Phil had wanted a dish he had ordered in the past. When it arrived it was not as he remembered so he wanted to order just a plain burger. I was pleasantly surprised when the manager said that he would deduct the original order from my bill. Great, so I only had to pay for the burger. Saving money is always a good deal.

After lunch the boys and I had a few errands to run. First to Office Max to pick up a few supplies for the Love to Learn Conference that I co-coordinate. Then to J C Penney to see if we can find pants for Phil. He has decided to change his wardrobe and move from only wearing wind breaker type pants to wearing jeans. But he does not like the color blue, so they have to be black or gray jeans. We have been looking for jeans for about 3 weeks now. Phil was getting a bit discouraged, but I have been reassuring him that we will find what he is looking for in time. That not all stores carry the same jeans, and that not all jeans fit the same and the sizing is different from brand to brand. Well JC Penney had just what he was looking for, he was so excited. It was so wonderful to see that in his eyes, and a bonus…they were on sale. He also decided to buy a couple of sport shirts as well, so he has more of a variety, instead of just T shirts. Dallen also found a couple of T shirts he really liked, so they were both very happy by the end of the trip. Our last errand was the pet store. We needed crickets for our tarantula and Iguana food for Iggy. As we were coming out of Petsmart I realized that this had been a very productive trip, and we talked about the fact that today everything we wanted was in stock and we all found what we were looking for, just a nice day. In the picture you can also see Phil’s new look, he has decided to wear his hair in a ponytail instead of a braid. I think this is the first time ever that Phil has not had a braid. Since his hair was long enough to braid.

As we arrived home I had a little work to finish, for the upcoming conference, and the boys dug out all the sculpey stuff. They set to work creating, and talking for a few hours. After sculpey they worked cleaning out their dresser. They realized that with their new purchases their drawers were too full, and there were T shirts in there that they could no longer fit into and some they had lost interest in. They brought all the discarded clothes into the living room so we can donate them or use them for rags.

Jackson was home from work at this point and Phil noticed that Jaws was on. Which is kind of a funny coincidence, because as we were watching the beginning of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, he had mentioned that he would like to see Jaws sometime. So we all sat down to watch Jaws and talk about the technology of the time, things like that. During Jaws 2 (yes it was a marathon of Jaws…LOL) Phil decided to see how many of his old clothes he could get on at once. Dallen was helping him straighten out the clothes as he worked them down over his head. And they had so much fun. Turns out that he can get on 19 shirts and 5 pair of pants at once, before he can no longer move, we counted as he disrobed.

The boys at that point decided that they wanted to read The Hobbit (the book we are reading aloud right now) as well as watch Jaws, so I read during the commercials, and then we all watched the movie when it was on. During Jaws 2, I was about at the end of my rope, too tired to go any further, we turned on the TV in the bedroom, Jackson was asleep as soon as he was in bed, I watched Jaws 2 for a few minutes with the boys and then I feel asleep, Dallen was working on some drawings in his note pad. I am not sure if they watched the entire movie or not, I will find out when they wake up.

Now it is morning again, I am again drinking my cup or tea and working on this blog post, I did cut up one T shirt into one long ¼ inch strip, to see if I can crochet it into a bag, earlier this morning.

Dallen has an intricate story that go along with his Sculpey creation, so I will have a couple more posts to share when they are finished dictating.

That is a “normal” day for us, as abnormal as it is. You can see how things flow, come and go, move and come back again.

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Julie said...

What a lovely family and day. 19 shirts! I'm tempted to try it myself. And a lovely reminder that someday I can go to bed *before* my kids.

SwissArmyWife said...

Your day sounds lovely! Full of fun and family!

The thing that stands out to me the most is your boys hair! My boys have long hair as well. At conferences, no one ever assumes they are girls. Yet in real life, EVERYONE thinks they are girls. It makes me wonder if given the choice, if more boys would have long hair than short hair!

Melissa said...

sounds lovely Pam....makes me wish we were going to conference.

Now I have the Jaws theme song in my head.

Sylvia said...

Phil's hair looks good in the ponytail. Dan will only wear his hair loose and it reaches almost to his waist, so it tangles a lot. I have suggested a ponytail to him - then again, I prefer mine loose, too. I'm just more willing to comb mine!

Faith Void said...

The picture of Phil with all those clothes brought up such wonderful memories for me. My kids use to do that frequently and then sumo wrestle. The called it fat Albert.