Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Trip Home

We had a wonderful drive home, took a two day detour in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Snow was falling in the Rocky Mountains. You probably can't tell from the picture but there is snow. We stopped in the Rockies at several points to just take in the scenery. It was beautiful. Then on down to South Dakota. The trip back through customs and immigration was uneventful this time.

We stopped in Custer SD, which is such a cute town and so close to all the attractions. Crazy Horse was my favorite stop on this trip. We also took in Mt Rushmore, the Black Hills and the Badlands. So wonderful. Such a lovely trip, we will definitely be going back to the Black Hills again to spend more time, maybe do some camping.
But now we are home again, the garden needs tending, started yesterday and have about 1/4 of it weeded. Will work this weekend to finish that up for now. Have laundry to do and time to get all caught up on everyday things.

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