Monday, June 16, 2008


After our wonderful trip to South Dakota, the first for Dallen and Phillip, we have decided that we will go back in the near future, and really spend some time exploring. There are so many places to visit, so many trails to explore. Maybe camp, maybe not, we will see. Just a beautiful and fascinating area of the country.

Transitioning home can be a challenge. It takes the boys time to settle back into home, out of the day to day change of routine that being on the road brings, with something new and exciting every day, a new adventure, a drive somewhere. We don't have a "routine" here at home, other than the routing they choose to create from day to day. Some things can be counted on, Mom will not be out of the house when the boys wake up, for example. But transitioning back into this non-routine of ours can he a challenge, and we try to be extra gentle with each other as we make this adjustment. I know Phillip will need more of me, while Dallen will need less, I need to be present to help them communicate effectively with each for a few days etc. But this time it has seemed easier. Maybe it is that they are getting older, maybe as we all mature in our relationships we have come to know what each other needs in the transition period, maybe it is summer and we have more space to just be, maybe it is a combination of all of those and more. But this time it has seemed almost easy. A true blessing of growth.

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