Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More From Our Trip Up North

Monday morning we left Lethbridge, AB and headed north, through Calgary and into some of the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen, the Canadian Rockies. Snow capped peaks with valleys of green and flowers starting to bloom. Wildlife everywhere, we saw deer, moose, bear, and elk to name a few. We really enjoyed this trip and thought, some year, it might be cool to fly in and rent an RV and take some time to really explore the mountains. Stopped in Jasper for gas and food, and then on our way out of the mountains and toward Prince George and onto Burns Lake.
We thought we might make it in time to catch the last ferry to Southbank, it departed at 11:00, but no such luck, so we bedded down in a small inn we found in the town of Burns Lake. I was actually a little surprised at how large Burns Lake was. Being so far north and with not many towns around I was expecting something smaller.

In the light of day we had some breakfast, stopped at a grocery store, and headed for the ferry. A quick 10 minute ferry ride and we were on the other side of the lake at Southbank, BC. Lovely country, grassy fields with cattle, mountains in the background, on a beautiful lake. We had to travel down a dirt road to make it to our friends house, but even that dirt road was very well maintained, better than the ones I remember growing up in rural Maine. Such a treat to drive down their driveway on Tuesday morning (well closer to noon) and see their daughter Ann Sophie running to greet us.
I am uploading all my photos to my flickr account and you can see the link to that to the right.

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