Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More Catching Up

Sunday we headed out from North Dakota. I have never been to this part of the country before.
Jackson is from South Dakota so he has traveled some out here. Very beautiful. Lots of open land. I have always been an ocean lover, not just water...but the ocean. It is just so freeing, so open with nothing visible on the other side, just watching the waves. Well the open-ness of the prairie seems like that as well, just very relaxing and nice.

we saw lots of :

And saw the deer and antelope playing. We arrived in Havre, Montana pretty early, I think it
was around 8:30. Not enough time to make the boarder crossing by 9:00. (This particular crossing was open until 5:00 that day then open again for one hour from 8:00-9:00.) So we headed west to Shelby, Montana and up 15 to the boarder. Now this was interesting. We handed over our passports and went through the normal questions..."why are you crossing into Canada?" "Are you carrying any agricultural products?" etc. we have heard it many times before, nothing unusual so far. Then came the not-so-usual 20 questions..."Are these children yours?" "together?" "Have you ever crossed any other boarders before?" "With your children?" "Have you ever been denied entry before?" OK this was getting a little creepy. I started thinking he might not let us into Canada to visit our friends.

He then directed us to park in the parking lot and come inside. So we did as we were told, he still had our passports. And we sat in a room full of chairs and empty desks (it was around midnight by now) with only one other person. He proceeded to type away at his computer and look over at us every few seconds. Then asked a few more questions, and said it just seemed suspicious that we would drive all this way to see friends. I felt a little sorry for the guy, and wanted to ask if he had any friends that would drive across the country for him. But decided I should just sit there and keep quiet, I mean after all we did want to cross, LOL.

Finally, after all that typing, I think he could find no reason to keep us out, and we were on our way. We made it again, over 1000 miles that day and spent the night in Lethbridge, Alberta. I small city with, we found out in the morning, some beautiful scenery. And just outside Lethbridge, a place called Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump. Of course we didn't know what this was and I am only finding out now that it is a National Heritage Site. Check out the link to find out more, I know you want to.

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Rinnyboo said...

Hey cool! You went to Lethbridge! My dad is Canadian and grew up right down the road from Lethbridge (in Stirling). My grandma lives there now. It sure is beautiful country and I hope we can go there in the next year or two.