Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Catching Up

OK I am going to try to catch up. After my last blog entry I have not had any Internet connection. I want to write about the trip a bit because it has been fabulous. The next night we stayed just outside of Fargo ND (Saturday night) after passing through Chicago, I have never seen Chicago, just passed through, changing planes.

The boys have done so well traveling. They love traveling, but being in a car (granted a large SUV) for days on end just driving can be a challenge. We have pre-planned as much as possible, packing games, movies, DVD players, DS games and players, snacks, drinks, books, doodle pads etc. And we have talked about this trip for a while now, just so we are all prepared. We do want to see our friends so for us it is worth it. But the boys have done better than I could have ever expected. Playing alone on a handheld game system or watching a movie at times, other times talking about games or drawing together. So nice to see.

We logged in over 800 miles this day, whew.

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