Monday, May 12, 2008

Time to Relax

OK so today I am feeling kind of "blah", no that isn't how I would describe it. It isn't like I am depressed or anything, I just don't feel like "doing" anything. I have a lot I could be doing, but nothing is appealing to me at the moment. Maybe I just need a "recharge" day, to get my batteries going again. I made some of my chai this morning, and am enjoying sipping on that. I think I need to do things that recharge my batteries today and not worry about the house, etc. I did have some sculpey clay left from the last FLT gathering. The boys have been working on that all morning/afternoon. I don't really feel like participating but am enjoying watching them and listing to their creative process. I certainly have energy to bake sculpey. So they are happily creating and I am happily vegging.

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