Saturday, May 31, 2008

On our way to BC

OK we are on our way to visit friends near Burns Lake, BC. Started yesterday after Jackson finished work, Friday is his 1/2 day so we were all pack and heading out of town at around 3:00. A couple of stops for supper and gas and now we are just leaving Columbus, Indiana. Stopped here around midnight last night. It seems to be an interesting place, will have to stop here another day when we have more time. Right now we have a goal to get to our friends. We are so looking forward to spending a few days with them, and it is a long drive.
We are all doing well with this trip. We love to travel so have done this many times before, BUT this will be our longest car ride. Have been about 26 hours before but this will be about 45 hours of driving, over several days. Packed plenty of snacks and the DVD players and movies, video games and books, travel games and water. I think we will be in good shape. But we will see as the trip moves forward. I trust that things will work out how they are supposed to be.

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