Tuesday, May 6, 2008


OK I know it is early to be thinking of Christmas. But I have been. I so love knitting, and working with fiber in general, crocheting, sewing etc. So I have been thinking about Christmas. Especially socks. I know it isn't cold now, but it will be and my friends and family will have warm toasty feet. :-)

I threw some of them up on my etsy store, with the longer range plan of gifts if they do not sell. So much heart and soul goes into making socks. I try hard to only work on knitting when I am not frustrated with other things. Wouldn't want any of that negative energy knitted up in my work. So the socks only bring love and joy.

Here are a few I have completed recently:

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Deanne said...

Beautiful socks!

BTW, I tagged you for a "Six Word" meme. The details are at my blog if you want to play along. :)