Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So I have been knitting like a mad woman lately. It has felt so good to be working on Christmas stuff already. I found a really cool looking pattern for socks. It was called bamboo. It was relatively easy to knit, and added some interest to the socks. They are now on my etsy page, but here is a picture:

Not sure if you can see the pattern, let me get a closer shot so you can really see the bamboo like pattern:

Isn't that really neat. And the wool is 100% Peruvian Highland Wool, a temptation buy, I mean who can resist such a wonderful wool. I have been challenging myself with my knitting lately, looking for more interesting patterns that add a bit of difficulty to my socks. I have found a great site for free patterns. This pattern, if you are interested in knitting them yourself, is:

using 4 double point needles

K2P2 for about 2 inches for the ribbing then:

Round1-K, Round2-YO, K2 St, then slip the YO over the 2 K stitches on your right needle, Round 3+4-K Repeat this for as long as you want the body of your sock.

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Deanne said...

Those are some beautiful socks! Maybe I'll give knitting another try. ;)