Tuesday, April 8, 2008

It's Like Riding a Bike

Well actually it is riding a bike. I find the interests of my boys so fascinating. I love seeing how their mind and bodies work. When they were like 4 and 6, I think, we bought them bikes with training wheels. We were so excited about this, it was a surprise Christmas present. Well they tried the bikes a couple of times and decided they just had no interest in riding a bike, end of story. We have never been parents that push our children into anything so we took the disinterest in bike riding as a couple hundred dollar lesson learned, LOL, never brought up the subject again really. They knew if they wanted bikes we would get them bikes, they were more than happy to give their bikes away when they outgrew them, or probably would have before if we knew anyone that needed a bike.

So Sunday Phillip saw Jackson and my bikes hanging up in the garage, and wanted to try to ride my bike. Mine being the smaller of the 4 we have. Still a bit big, but with Jackson holding on, he could ride. I saw this and thought to myself, the bike would be just the right size for our oldest, Dallen. Dallen was excited to try, he could sit on the seat and had both feet flat on the ground. I know this isn't ideal for riding a bike, but it was perfect for learning to ride a bike. It seemed like he could learn balance and steering and pedaling while feeling secure in knowing that he could catch himself with his feet.

OK so now on Monday I could still see that my bike was too big for Phillip so we went to Dick's Sporting Good Store last night and both boys bought a bike. When the seat is all the way down they can sit on the seat and have both feet on the ground, but will still have a little room to grow. Of course bike helmets as well. It took them each about an hour to learn to ride a bike. Sort of like reading, when the time was right it worked, it just clicked, no pressure. I know other parents might think it strange that a 13 year old didn't know how to ride a bike already, but hey, we are not conventional parents and are not your typical family, LOL. So now they both know how to ride, I was out there riding with them today. They are both excited about it, looking forward to biking on trails and totally into this as a family "thing".

What joy. What a life.

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