Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Goals, from Blog Talkers

From Blog Talker: What is your most important goal in life? Why? (Please elaborate) How do you propose to get there? (Or how did you accomplish it). What sort of sacrifices will (or did) you have to make in order to achieve this goal? Once you’ve accomplished this goal, how will this change your life?

What is my most important goal in life?

I used to be goal oriented, that is what was expected, so I had this grand goal for my life when I was like 13. Finish high school, onto college, become a nurse, work, have a family, get the kids through high school, then through college, then they can work, etc.

Now my life has changed so much, thanks to the boys, my goal now is to live each day to it's fullest. To live a joy filled life with my husband and children. Watch them grow, develop and become who they are supposed to be. Be available to answer questions, help them along their journey as they want and need help.

I do have smaller goals like growing organic fruits and vegetables. So my goal there would be to grow a big enough garden to have preserved food to take us through the winter. So the bulk of what we buy in the store is NOT fruits and vegetables. That supports my main goal of living a joy filled life.

I know the question was asked because the poster wanted to read these grand goals and how people have sacrificed or plan to sacrifice to get there. But my life is simple, my goal is happiness, the sacrifices are none. My goal won't change my life, my goal is my life.

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Deanne said...

I've never been big into goal setting, but my long held dream from childhood was to have an intact, loving family. I'm so grateful to say that I have achieved that goal! ;) Now, I just want to keep it that way and, like you, I try to keep the joy growing.