Monday, March 3, 2008

The Saga that is Spore

OK my boys have been reading about Spore for at least two years now. I have listened each and every time there was an update, a new bit of information a new projected release date, for the high tech computer game.

The other day my oldest was searching for more Spore facts on the web and ran across a couple of sites that said it would be released today. So we have been counting down the days to "Spore". So excited, we jumped in the car for the 30 minutes drive to Best Buy, as soon as we thought the store would be open this morning. And yes they were up early today, no alarm needed, just pure excitement.

They took some time to talk with friends before we left, and share their joy, yell and be excited.

All the drive there it was so wonderful listening to the joy in their voices as they talked about the game, then turned their conversation onto talking about their excitement. What the excitement felt like physically, emotionally, spiritually. How their stomach felt like it had butterflies, their legs were like spaghetti when they woke up. How they just felt like they wanted to yell, as the excitement was beyond containment (and actually let out little yelps here and there in the car).

I was amazing to hear them analyze all of this, how well they know their bodies, the joy in their hearts.

OK so we get to Best Buy and it is not on the shelves, OK find a person in the all to familiar blue shirt that identifies the individual as someone who works there and might know the story. And low and behold, it is not out yet, can reserve a copy, will be out September sometime, although he didn't seem to know any more details than that. Not satisfied the boys wanted to venture to Game Stop, those people know the scoop, true gamers at heart, they will have the answers. Although this person at Game Stop did know the answer, it was not the answer the boys wanted to hear. The game will indeed be out in September, yes this year, September 7 to be exact. And it is to be the "game of the year". So we reserved two copies.

The boys were so disappointed all the ride home, and even talked about how that felt like a little, although that was certainly not as fun to talk about. They were quiet when we got home. Settled in to play some of the Spiderwick Chronicles game, while they decompressed. We did plan to have a "Spore" party right before the "real" release, must have a party for the "game of the year". And talked about what they wanted to include in the party. Posted the reserve receipt on the refrigerator, so we don't lose it and can look at it often.

After a few hours both boys were back in the swing of the day, not letting this upset keep them down for long. Phil went outside to play with friends. Dallen back to planning his own game, watching youtube videos about Spore, and talking about what creatures he wants to create.

So many emotions in one day. The freedom to experience each to it's fullest, for as long as they wanted, and talk about it if they choose. The time to process information. A mom willing to be there for them in any way they want. Life is GOOD!

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Schuyler said...

I discovered that yesterday while checking to see when was releasing it. Simon is very excited about Spore. Very excited. The previous release date on was March 31, not long after his birthday, that felt good. September 7 doesn't feel so good.

I like the idea of a pre-Spore party.