Monday, March 10, 2008


Since the February thing a day I have been doing more knitting. Maybe it was the inspiration of the Thing a Day crowd, maybe it is because it has been chilly and I have been inside more. But knitting seems to be my interest right now, and of course I reserve the right to change my mind at any moment. So I knitted a couple of hats. This is a pattern a friend gave me and it is pretty easy to knit but looks so funky that I LOVE it. I knit one in a children's size and one in an adult size. They will make it to my etsy store one of these days.

Now I am working on a sweater for my oldest son. It has been a challenging journey as he is very tall and also very thin. Most patterns as they get longer also get wider. So I ended up taking a pattern in a size 10 and then making the body and arms longer, hopefully it will be thin enough for him....we will see...

Here is a picture of the hats:

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