Thursday, March 6, 2008

Driving Along

Today was such a beautiful day in so many ways. The boys wanted to go to Books a Million today. It seems that they have a better selection of Dungeons and Dragons books than any of the closer books stores. So we piled in the car and headed off, it is about an hour drive away. Not too far, but we really need a whole day for this excursion.

The day was so nice, just perfect for driving. Clear, sunny (with the sun at my back going to the store). And so peaceful outside. The boys were quiet in the back seat just taking in the beautiful scenery. For the first 50 minutes of the drive it is mostly country side.

A shadow caught my attention as we drove along. It was the shadow of a tree, with just a few leaves on it. The shadow was just the perfect reflection of that tree. Not blurry, but so still, and meticulously outlined as if it were penciled on the road. I looked at the shadow thinking to myself how this one point in the life of this tree would never be the same again, not the same leaves, not the same sun shining on it's back, not the same shadow...never....ever again. And that my life would never be in exactly this same point again. That our paths crossed at just this particular, beautiful moment so I could drink in the beauty of the tree, and the amazing shadow it cast. The tree will never know that in that very moment my perspective of the world was changed forever.

I started looking at things differently on my drive. Watching the cows grazing in this lush green field. Thinking to myself how warm the sun must feel on their backs. The boys and I caught sight of a hawk of some kind. Large bird, sitting majestically on the branch of a leaf bare tree. High above the road looking down at all the cars racing by.

Just such a wonder filled drive today. Excited children in the back seat, anticipating the hours we would spend pouring over books, looking for just the perfect book. Warm sun wrapped around us. Joy at every turn.

Life is Good!

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