Friday, March 7, 2008

Daily Soul Retreat

I enjoyed today's Daily Soul Retreat so thought I would share. It started yesterday when a friend sent one of those fill in the blank "get to know your friends" e mails. This friend rarely forwards anything so I thought I would take a few minutes to fill it out and send it back to her. One of the questions was "who do you miss the most?" Of course that one was easy, MY MOM. I think I have blogged about my mom several times before. I have dreams about her on occasion.

OK how does that tie in with the Daily Soul Retreat....well in there was something my mom used to say all the time:

"Things will work out the way they are supposed to." and I hung onto that phrase so tightly when my mom died, just repeating it to myself over and over. Knowing that I was supposed to glean something from this whole event in my life. Although I am still not sure I have learned everything I am supposed to from her death.

So today's daily soul retreat, Moving Forward:Using "Trust" as Your Life Preserver by Sunny Schlenger, says in part:

"Several years ago, a series of unexpected events tossed me out of Life Cruise mode, and into the cold rapids of Uncharted Reality. A good friend counseled me to grab onto the only thing I could--my faith that things would work out the way they were supposed to--and just hang on. In other words, use trust as my life preserver.

I’ve never forgotten this advice, and fortunately haven’t had to use it too often. But every time I do, I’m both amazed at and comforted by its power to get me through whatever requires navigation.

Crises test our beliefs, and I’m pretty sure that they occur when they do as a way of showing us what we’re made of; they make us walk our talk and demonstrate how far we’ve come since the last time our foundation was shaken. We’d much rather do without them, of course, but handled correctly, they can lift us to the next level of our growth..."

So maybe I am supposed to have my mom on my mind today. Thinking how I miss her. Maybe I am supposed to think of her words today, maybe not. We will see as the day rolls along.

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I think you are supposed to be thinking of her today and that's why I found this link. :-)