Saturday, March 29, 2008

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Flowers. Do you like flowers? When is the last time you received flowers? When is the last time you sent someone flowers? Do you think purchasing flowers is a waste of money? Do you garden? What is your favorite flower?

So to answer the question of the week. I do love flowers, and have several flower beds around my home. When we first moved in that was my focus, creating that wonderful space around our home, with flowers. It just feels so alive, so fresh, so "homey". I love watching everything come alive in spring, walking around the property counting all the new buds, new blooms, such a joyful experience. DH also sends me flowers, I can count on a dozen roses for mother's day, and Valentine's day, also a bright addition to our home.

The past few years we have not focused on planting new flowers, our focus has been on planting an ever growing vegetable garden to take us through the winter. But we have flowers there too. Can't beat the purple in the Red Velvet Okra blossom, or the orange of the Zucchini plant. Plus you have the additional benefit of wonderful produce. A new addition this year has been some fruit trees and bushes, we have planted more apple trees, peach trees, raspberry plants and a few more blueberry plants. Also wonderful blossoms with a rich fragrance.

We have 12 acres and are surrounded by lovely flowers from Spring until Fall, many different varieties, all delightful, unique, and bring joy to our lives.

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Ren said...

I started some marigolds, zinnias and tithonia torch to intersperse with the veggies. We also have some nasturtium seeds and plans for a sunflower house. I just soaked the moon flowers and morning glory seeds last night too!

Yes, I do love flowers. I'd love 12 acres too!! Happy gardening.