Monday, February 4, 2008

Thing a Day 4

Normally I would post this to my other blog as it was creating food. But I am trying to keep all my "Thing a Day" posts on the same blog. Today I made bagels. I make bagels about once a week. It all started when I couldn't buy organic bagels any more, looked on the ingredients list and decided to search out a recipe for myself. It is a delicate balance of time vs money vs nutritional content. And trying to decide if the nutritional advantage is worth the time it takes for how much we eat a particular item. And then to balance in if it costs more or less to make myself. Anyway long story short I have been making my own bagels for I don't know maybe about 4-6 months now. The boys LOVE them, and I am at a point now where the recipe is in myself and I am more efficient making them


Ren said...

Those look positively yummy! I adore bagels.
The blackberry jam recipe I use is on the back of the Certo pectin. I've used all types of pectin and Certo (liquid) isn't the cheapest but it turns out great every time.

If you have more patience, the regular boxes of pectin have good recipes too. Buys lotsa sugar!

Tami said...

Want to share the recipe????