Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Becoming New

Today's Daily Soul Retreat, well actually yesterday's but I read it today, was interesting. I have been thinking about changes, and the best ways to go about making change etc. So this hit me at just the right time, and I thought I would share it with you. It is Becoming New:Using Your Six Senses to Empower Your Progress by Bonnie Gold Bell

Here is an excerpt:

"You have powerful tools for making progress right in your own hands—and your eyes, nose, mouth, ears and heart. By actively using all six of your senses, you can harness great energy for moving forward and be filled with pleasure in the process. Whether you need to make progress in healing or in realizing other goals, your senses are your inborn allies. ...

Using your senses to become new involves drawing in the beauty-essence of the natural world through each sensory channel. For instance, you can take in the sight of a colorful rose, inhale its scent and touch its soft petals. The uplifting beauty-essence of the flower is really the active agent, and your senses are the means by which you absorb that essence. Input from the senses triggers the organic messaging system that activates responses in your body, mind and spirit. Both modern science and sacred science confirm this effect. We are constantly responding to the sensory stimuli around us. When what we take in feels good to us, it alters our state toward health and optimum functioning...."

How very true this is, and I do focus on surrounding myself with the things I love, but to take the time to actually take them in and process all of it is a gift I need to explore.

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