Friday, January 25, 2008


Yesterday was such a wonderful day. Yes the furnace broke down but I found a couple of small space heaters and made a fire in the fireplace so we were warm. Jackson fixed the furnace when he got home. But A few days ago Jackson made the boys potato soup. I can't eat it as there is too much dairy in it for me but the boys generally love potato soup. Well this left a little to be desired. He forgot a few ingredients and they were just not impressed, LOL. So yesterday I got out the leftover soup and added a few things to make it more what they were looking for. You would have thought I gave them the world. It was the highlight of their day, they were all smiles, and thank yous, and each had like 4 bowls. It was so amazing to see such a small thing bring such joy to their hearts.

I think sometimes we forget that it doesn't take buying your children some big expensive toy they have been wanting, to bring joy into a life. To my boys, me fixing up that soup was something I did specifically for them, no one else. And that brought smiles to their faces. That made them feel so loved and appreciated and cared for. That was all it took.

And I took that feeling and went to a friends house where we were working on our Soul Collage Cards last night. Another great experience. It is so nice to get together with your girlfriends and just spend a few hours talking about spiritual things, deep conversations, laughter, support, sharing. I really get to know my friends better, brings us closer together as women/mothers. I always leave feeling really good, and joyful.

So all in all a wonderful day, no pictures but a wonderful day!!

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