Thursday, January 10, 2008


OK my husband bought me the most beautiful wool yarn for Christmas. It is fabulous, and I thought long and hard about what I wanted to create with it. I wanted something I could use and think of him. I have been thinking about making a small felted bag for some time now. I have been a little nervous because I have never made a felted bag and didn't want to ruin any expensive yarn if I happened to mess it up.

So after a lot of thinking about this I decided to jump in and try my hand at felting and decided to use the great yarn dh picked up to make myself a felted bag. That in itself is hard, I make lots of things but not a whole lot for myself. This was going to be for ME.

Here it is the bag, knitted in large hoping that it felts down to the size I want. Now for the past week I have been stuck here, at this spot. It is still sitting on my counter waiting for me to get up the nerve to felt it. I have read about the process, talked to some friends that have done it. But haven't been able to make the leap. I am scared, again, of ruining this pricey, wonderful wool. That is my goal for next week. Can't do it this week as we are getting ready for the FLT gathering over the weekend. Which is always LOADS of fun, friendship and laughter with other unschooling families. So that right now is taking priority. But next week I will felt this bag and will have an updated photo of how it turns out. For now you can see the wonderful coloration in the wool yarn.


diana(hahamommy) said...

My recommendation: Use is as the cute little purse it is!!! When you're ready for something different, felt it :) It has helped me to carry the 1/2 finished piece with me as I picked out the post-felting adornments, to look forward to it's next incarnation, too. By all means, enjoy EACH stage of the process :)

And scale wise, I leave it up to the gods. I have a picture for you of the same pattern, same yarn, different geographical location ~ one is a square smallish bag purse and the other is a very small clutch. Both cute, not what I expected. So I stopped expecting. I felt until the bag tells me it's done. Yours might be fun to block dry with marbles, making a rounded bottom! "You are free to experiment!" there you got all the permission you need ;) enjoy!

Jessica said...

It is beautiful! I, too, was scared of felting, but once I tried it I LOVED it. Like beating batter by hand, you can see through the rolling and rolling (at least that is how we did ours)how it is us modern women get sagging upper arms, while my grandmother never did lol.