Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Dogs are Back

We are back, picked the dogs up from the kennel. Such an unconditional love, right there all wrapped up in a fuzzy (and sometimes not so fuzzy) package. The kennel we use really takes good care of our dogs, and the dogs are always so excited to go, but it can't beat the feeling of watching them come home. Jackson picks them up in his car and we wait impatiently at home. And they come running in when he opens the door. Straight for the house, tails wagging (well Cinnamon tries to wag her tail) and they just want to hug and play and roll all over and are so happy to be home. Then comes the crash. After about 30 minutes they are ready for a nap, in their old favorite spots, just all snuggled up or sprawled out, and they sleep, and sleep. LOL. I think they are as exhausted from their weekend away as we are.

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