Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Back with Cats

OK we have a new router and I am back on line. I can write when I want, I have access to all my pictures and files. It is just so nice.

So I am starting out the new year with a post about Cats. The musical made an appearance in Charlotte and we went to see it with some great friends last night. Just fabulous, we all loved it and were talking all the way home about which cat character was our favorite and why. Things are just so much nicer when you can share them with friends, and that includes musicals. It is nice to see the boys so enjoying things of this nature. Phillip is really into music, Dallen not so much. But they both thought this was just fascinating, a story, song and dance all rolled up into one. After the musical was over we also were looking through our program and reading a bit about the actors/actresses and what their background is, where they call home etc. Just an added tid bit of trivia to our evening. Home late, straight to bed for the four exhausted Genants. But I would highly recommend this performance if it comes to a city near you.

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