Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Back from Camp

OK we are home again after a wonderful weekend away. No Internet, no cell phone service, no TV, no Computer. Just fun and relaxation, LOL. It is nice once in a while to get away from everything, knowing that even if something came up, I wouldn't know about it and could do nothing about it anyway. Kind of like "don't worry...be happy". The boys loved the weekend too. As much as they enjoy spending time on their computers and video games, they ALWAYS look forward to these get aways. We spent three days with 8 other unschooling families, at a camp. This camp does run summer programs but we get it for a great rate in the off season. We sit around and chat, have craft types of activities for everyone or no one, whoever wants to participate. The kids go off hiking, playing, with or without adults. Just a great mix of people who trust their children and trust each other. We cook and eat together, which is so much fun...getting to know other unschoolers better over a great meal.

Just a wonderful way to recharge the batteries as a family. It was kind of funny in a way because the director of the camp is a homeschooler (although not an unschooler we didn't talk about curriculum or any of that) he is so used to "regular" families, you know the types that function inside the box. I was cleaning the floors preparing to leave on Sunday and he was chatting with someone else, saying how we would love their family camp. He said "it is just like what you do here." So I said "why would we pay more and come to your family camp when we already have it here for so much less". He said "but you could drop the kids off in one of our programs and do what you want, the kids go to bed before you and you would only have to see them at meal time". I said "so why would we do that, we want to be with our children." And another mom said "yeah, we LIKE our kids and want to spend time with them." Yet another mom said "why would we drop them off with strangers when we have a great group right here." He was a little speechless but saw our point. LOL. It was kind of funny for us, eye opening for him. I don't think he is used to being around families like ours. Good thing we only saw him when we arrived and were cleaning up.

The coordinator of this get together warned him when we arrived. We work a little differently than he is probably used to, and if he peeks in during the weekend it will probably look like a tornado went through. We know this, it looks this way every time. Having this much fun is not nice and neat, it is messy, get dirty, kind of fun. She told him that he needs to reserve judgment until after we are done cleaning up. Because in the end it always looks better than when we arrived. That is our goal, leave it cleaner than we found it, so they will want us back. And she was right. It is always right. It is amazing to even me that in the end it is cleaner than we found it. With everyone helping out it gets done in a couple of hours. Next time I will have to take picture because it is truly amazing, LOL.

So we are back, recharged and ready to work on some projects I have on a few burners here at home. Ready to work on some household repair projects. Ready to order seeds and plan my garden.

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