Saturday, December 22, 2007

Solstice Traditions

OK we have our own traditions that we have made up over the years. Things the boys enjoy, and we enjoy working on together. One is our solstice wish bread. I make a bread dough, a little sweeter than usual, and let it rise once, then we take the dough and each take out little balls of dough, and roll the balls in your hands, all the while thinking of your hopes, dreams and wishes for the coming year. Then you roll the dough in Cinnamon and Sugar and place the balls into a bundt pan. When all the dough is gone, we cook the bundt and in the morning, this morning, we will have it with some chai for breakfast. Doesn't it look delicious, and it is full of hopes and dreams.

Of course usually we get up to see the sun come up, BUT this morning as with last year, today is cloudy and rainy and the sun is not up. Although we need the rain so badly. It is a blessing to see the rain.

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