Sunday, December 2, 2007

Living Your Dream

I stumbled across this top 10 list to Living Your Dream this morning. Literally stumbled. Looking for presents my boys will love. This just jumped out in front of me. Hmmmm a sign, ;-)

I thought you all might like to share in this, here is an excerpt:

"live your dream" - top ten steps towards "living your dream"
10. hold your vision.
all great accomplishments start with a vision. what message do you want to convey to others? make sure to stay focused on your intentions and always evolve your dream around the core vision.

your vision, whatever this may be, is strongly entwined with your value system and will resonate through to your product or service. everything has energy!!! The vision you create becomes your brand and must pervade everything.

chances are that your vision will also be shared by millions of others who believe in your vision. holding your vision is essential to manifesting your dream!

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