Monday, December 3, 2007


Yesterday I went grocery shopping. A small task. My youngest son does not like grocery shopping, so I try to go on weekends, when Jackson is home so that he can stay at home with dad. My oldest loves grocery shopping. So funny that my 13 year old would love groceries. LOL. He always has. Not sure if it is helping me pick up groceries that is so intriguing or that he has about an hour and a half with me, only me. I do talk to him and connect at home all the time. But there is something about wandering around the store up and down the aisles that is soothing for him. Yes, he loves to be in motion. He loves to talk about the games he is working on and creatures he is creating, and needs to be moving to get his thoughts together. He has always done this. It is uniquely him, and something we have loved about Dallen. We make sure to have space around the dining room table, around the couch, etc for his walking.

I think in the grocery store we are moving, and he can just talk to me about his creations. We connect on a deeper level at the grocery store. As bizarre as that may sound. It is our time together. A special time for just us. And that makes grocery shopping wonderful.

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Deanne said...

My youngest son will go shopping with me sometimes when the other two don't want to go, and I love it when he does! It can be a special time together, and makes my shopping so much more enjoyable. ;)