Thursday, December 13, 2007

Friends and Fun

I love that my boys want to stay home
I love that my boys enjoy having friends over to our house
I love that their friends enjoy being at our house

Oh the sounds of happy children playing in our house. Growing up, my mom never really allowed us to have friends over to spend the night. I can only recall twice that I had a friend spend the night. The reason she gave was that our house was too small, and she never made it "bigger" either. Meaning she never would just say "sure you can have friends over, just throw down some blankets on the living room floor". That was just not her. I did have a room to myself, but she said it wasn't big enough to have a "slumber party".

I never want to do that to my boys. I always want my boys to feel welcome to invite friends back to our house to spend the night. My days usually consist of making sure they have enough to eat and drink so they can keep on playing. They bounce from one activity to another, playing video games, playing board games, playing hide and seek. It looks like rain right now or they would probably be outside, it has been so nice for that lately.

And today it isn't just their guy pals either. They had their usual list of guy friends, Scott, Jon, and Travis. But last night added on a couple of their friends that are girls, Andrea and Nicole. And they are all playing and having fun.

I love listening to children laughing and playing.

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Deanne said...

I love it too, even now when it is my teenager and all his friends playing amped-up guitars and drums that you can hear from the street! ;)