Monday, December 24, 2007

Ginger Bread House

There are very few things that Jackson does with our boys alone. I mean without me. LOL. But the Gingerbread house has been one of those things. Not that I do not want to participate but it isn't as exciting for me, and it is something Jackson loves doing with the boys. It has become their tradition. I try to respect their togetherness with this activity and just pop in to take pictures.

This year's was from a kit, as have all the others. But next year they are already talking about making it from scratch themselves, and maybe attempting to make the Weasley House. So cool.

Here are a couple of pictures from their time together.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Solstice Traditions

OK we have our own traditions that we have made up over the years. Things the boys enjoy, and we enjoy working on together. One is our solstice wish bread. I make a bread dough, a little sweeter than usual, and let it rise once, then we take the dough and each take out little balls of dough, and roll the balls in your hands, all the while thinking of your hopes, dreams and wishes for the coming year. Then you roll the dough in Cinnamon and Sugar and place the balls into a bundt pan. When all the dough is gone, we cook the bundt and in the morning, this morning, we will have it with some chai for breakfast. Doesn't it look delicious, and it is full of hopes and dreams.

Of course usually we get up to see the sun come up, BUT this morning as with last year, today is cloudy and rainy and the sun is not up. Although we need the rain so badly. It is a blessing to see the rain.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I wanted to share my Solstice lights with all of you. It was an Imagination Tribe trade and these were the light that were sent my way. I did not make them but aren't they just beautiful. Not sure if you can tell in the picture but it is tumbled glass that is on each tiny light, so the light shines through the beautiful glass. So perfect for me. The Universe always sends us what we need right. I am from Maine originally, by the ocean, dad was a fisherman. So we lived on the water. Now I live in the foothills of North Carolina. Not so close to the shore. I miss the ocean. I think I have blogged about that before. We go to the beach at least once a year but that is not the same as living on the ocean, so I do miss that and feel a certain disconnect at times.

So the tumbled glass reminds me of the sea glass we would pick up at the shore. The colors remind me of the ocean, with the blues and greens. Now the lights are sitting on my bookshelf in the kitchen, beside my pinwheel for peace, some sand from the peace mandala when the Tibetan Monks were in Charlotte creating the mandala, a picture of my boys, and a wine glass with a bird nest inside. A treasure.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Friends and Fun

I love that my boys want to stay home
I love that my boys enjoy having friends over to our house
I love that their friends enjoy being at our house

Oh the sounds of happy children playing in our house. Growing up, my mom never really allowed us to have friends over to spend the night. I can only recall twice that I had a friend spend the night. The reason she gave was that our house was too small, and she never made it "bigger" either. Meaning she never would just say "sure you can have friends over, just throw down some blankets on the living room floor". That was just not her. I did have a room to myself, but she said it wasn't big enough to have a "slumber party".

I never want to do that to my boys. I always want my boys to feel welcome to invite friends back to our house to spend the night. My days usually consist of making sure they have enough to eat and drink so they can keep on playing. They bounce from one activity to another, playing video games, playing board games, playing hide and seek. It looks like rain right now or they would probably be outside, it has been so nice for that lately.

And today it isn't just their guy pals either. They had their usual list of guy friends, Scott, Jon, and Travis. But last night added on a couple of their friends that are girls, Andrea and Nicole. And they are all playing and having fun.

I love listening to children laughing and playing.

Monday, December 10, 2007


We have so many things we like to do around the holidays. My boys are very creative and inquisitive. We do have an advent wreath and a Menorah. We like to remember that there are so many different religions in this world and many have a winter holiday of some sort. So while we don't consider ourselves to belong to any ONE religion in particular we feel an attachment to a more spiritual side of life and enjoy exploring different religions and cultures. Here is a picture of our advent wreath, we picked it out because it has children all standing in a circle hand-in-hand, different children, different cultures, different races. And also in the picture you can see our Menorah, we also have a book that we read about Hanukkah. I will have more to share in the days ahead that share our traditions.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


I have been having so much fun these past few days and just haven't had time to blog. LOL. I know I should be blogging about all the fun we are having but Oh well. One thing I am doing is participating in a Holiday Card exchange with a group of friends over at the Imagination Tribe Yahoo list. Too cool. I send out pre-made packaged cards to family all over but these people are special so they get the home made variety. This year I decided to make a couple of stamps for my cards. One is a Native Sun Symbol, and the other is a Native Wolf Print Symbol. I really wanted to depict the Native American side of my ancestry so this was perfect. I have so much fun making stamps. I can't remember who on the Imagination Tribe started a trade of Hand Made Stamp ATCs, but that is where my interest started and I have just so enjoyed that whole creative process. So thank you to whoever started that first trade. I won't say what I wrote on the inside just in case any IT members are reading, but I love my cards.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Yesterday I went grocery shopping. A small task. My youngest son does not like grocery shopping, so I try to go on weekends, when Jackson is home so that he can stay at home with dad. My oldest loves grocery shopping. So funny that my 13 year old would love groceries. LOL. He always has. Not sure if it is helping me pick up groceries that is so intriguing or that he has about an hour and a half with me, only me. I do talk to him and connect at home all the time. But there is something about wandering around the store up and down the aisles that is soothing for him. Yes, he loves to be in motion. He loves to talk about the games he is working on and creatures he is creating, and needs to be moving to get his thoughts together. He has always done this. It is uniquely him, and something we have loved about Dallen. We make sure to have space around the dining room table, around the couch, etc for his walking.

I think in the grocery store we are moving, and he can just talk to me about his creations. We connect on a deeper level at the grocery store. As bizarre as that may sound. It is our time together. A special time for just us. And that makes grocery shopping wonderful.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Living Your Dream

I stumbled across this top 10 list to Living Your Dream this morning. Literally stumbled. Looking for presents my boys will love. This just jumped out in front of me. Hmmmm a sign, ;-)

I thought you all might like to share in this, here is an excerpt:

"live your dream" - top ten steps towards "living your dream"
10. hold your vision.
all great accomplishments start with a vision. what message do you want to convey to others? make sure to stay focused on your intentions and always evolve your dream around the core vision.

your vision, whatever this may be, is strongly entwined with your value system and will resonate through to your product or service. everything has energy!!! The vision you create becomes your brand and must pervade everything.

chances are that your vision will also be shared by millions of others who believe in your vision. holding your vision is essential to manifesting your dream!