Monday, November 26, 2007


Last night I had this feeling of being overwhelmed. I couldn't shut my brain off and was thinking of all the things I need to do, my "to do" list was long. I get this sort of feeling every once in a while. What I have learned to do about it is to just sit and be in the moment, in the stillness. And usually what I do is go out to my chickens and just watch them, sitting quietly, watching their very interconnected lives. I find that so amazing and it has a powerful way of bringing me back to earth, recognizing that life isn't that complicated. Things will get done, in their own time.

It helps me to be able to prioritize my "to do" list. When I can just sit and be and let it all wash over me, I can then look at it more objectively, see what needs to be done, see what things I want to continue doing, and what things are not bringing me joy anymore.

People sometimes think I just can't say no, but in reality I have no problem saying no to things that do not bring me joy. The truth is that I surround myself with things that I love so there is very little to say "no" to. I have been doing some more reading today on the Soulful Living web site and finding many articles on stillness.

This article caught my eye: Be Still: In the Eye of the Storm by Rev. Sandra Lee Schubert. In it she says, in part,:

"In the center of a storm there is calm. But how do we get to a place of stillness?

Ten small steps to stillness:

Take time to breathe
Take a crisis break
Watch a funny movie
Create art
Keep a journal
Keep the counsel of a trusted friend or advisor
Choose the high road
Practice gratefulness
Remember who and what is important "

The article is powerful and intuitive. If you have never been in the stillness it is a great article to get you started.

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