Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge

More clothes. I have been finding it hard to complete the challenge this month, LOL. I have found that my wardrobe consists mostly of PJs, and how many times can you take a picture of the same thing. Today, however, a friend's daughter is having a birthday party, and the theme is "beach party" so decided to dress up a bit.

Now for the description. I am taking the photo in my mirror which, as you can tell, needs to be dusted (any volunteers?) My top is from Walmart, probably like $7. Sarong is from Hawaii, gift from a friend, so the value is priceless, what great friends I have. And I am not sure you can see but I am wearing pants under the sarong as it is chilly here, they are greenish cargo type pants from Avenue, probably about $35.

1 comment:

Colorsonmymind said...

Hope you had fun at the party, and the pants sound like a smart thing-if the weather is anytthing like it is here-COLD.